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The construction of our new bulk storage facility was designed based on the long in-house experience in handling bulk goods. High operational efficiency can only be attained by factoring in not only cost-efficiency and quality of service but also safety and environmental aspects. As a result we chose to eliminate the use of conveyor systems by discharging directly through the roof of the storage facility.

This way the disadvantages commonly associated with conveyor belts were mostly eliminated or at least significantly reduced. More specifically, depending on the type of conveyors system, possible disadvantages are, without being exhaustive, high dust emission, risk of product contamination, risk of significant abrasion or other handling damage, risk of spillage, high maintenance, capacity limitations and sensitivity to corrosive goods like fertilizers.

The advantages resulting from the design are:

Low abrasion and handling damage, minimal spillage, low risk of product contamination, easy monitoring of product quality, dust emission contained within the facility, low thermal fluctuations in product, easy pest and insect control, easy ventilation of product if needed, low maintenance even with corrosive goods, high discharge speeds and considerable storage capacity per m2.